4th Annual Laotian Educational Conference, Fresno

March 2022 | Fresno State Student Satellite Union

Make Your Mark Leave A Legacy

“Make Your Mark, and Leave a Legacy” means making an impact that will last for many generations to come. One can leave a legacy and make a mark by becoming a mentor or advocating for resources and tools to uplift our community.

The goal of ALEC is to bring together students from across the city and county, learn about our Lao culture and heritage, build new friendships, and gain new knowledge to support your aspirations.

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ALEC Fresno is inspired by the original Sacramento City Unified School District conference that started over 10 years ago by Dr. Khonepheth Lily Liemthongsamout.

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This year's historical conference had our most ever students with over 400 attendees. We thank you for your support and participation in another memorable ALEC.

ALEC Fresno Partners