Laotian American Community of Fresno Responds to COVID-19

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic left everyone feeling concerned for their personal safety and the well-being of their families. For the Laotian community in Fresno, California, access to COVID-19 information, safety precautions, and testing was even more difficult.

In response, the Laotian American Community of Fresno (LACF) partnered with community members to provide information and resources in the Lao language. LACF also provided food vouchers and testing kits to community members.

LACF's efforts were essential to helping the Laotian American community stay safe and informed during the pandemic. By providing information and resources in the Lao language, LACF helped to ensure that Laotian community members had the tools they needed to protect themselves and their families.

Here are some specific examples of LACF's work:

  • LACF created and distributed COVID-19 educational materials in the Lao language, including flyers, posters, and social media posts.
  • LACF partnered with local healthcare providers to offer COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics in Lao-speaking communities.
  • LACF provided food vouchers to Laotian American families who were struggling to afford food during the pandemic.
  • LACF worked with local businesses to offer discounts and other benefits to Laotian American community members.